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Gama de Geles Energéticos de Santa Madre

In this article: review and opinion of the Santa Madre energy gels.

Santa Madre energy gels come in 3 versions, with different carbohydrate loads and with/without caffeine. They stand out for being designed using functional and sustainable foods, respecting the environment. They are also optimal for vegans, free of gluten, palm oil and lactose. In this article we are going to analyze them in detail, telling you our impressions.

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Unusual Food

The guys from Santa Madre have broken into the energy nutrition market very strongly. With a novel and innovative proposal, with everything that these words entail and in a market as saturated as the one in which they operate. From the moment we took the first look at their product range, we immediately realized that this was not the usual, here was «something else». And it is that both design and formulation are groundbreaking.


Speaking with Alfonso Beltrá, CEO of Santa Madre, he makes it very clear to us the fundamental pillars on which his products are based:

  • A clear packaging design that facilitates your choice, your consumption and the sum of portions.
  • Created using functional, safe and healthy foods for the body.
  • They increase sports performance and recovery in a healthy way.
  • Respecting the environment, using resources responsibly.

You get it? We are going to review in detail its 3 types of energy gels.


It is the first proposal in the range of gels and as its name suggests, it provides 30 g of carbohydrates without caffeine. It comes in 4 flavors:

Santa Madre Gel energético sin cafeína, energy gel without caffeine

We are dealing with a hydrogel (Liquid Technology), this means that it is already mixed with water, so its texture is more watery and less cloying than usual gels and it does not require drinking water after taking it. Its 55 g weight provides us with 30 g of carbohydrates from various sources (maltodextrin, dextrose and fructose) carefully formulated to activate the two transporters that exist in the body, in this way we do not saturate one of them with the same type of hydrates. In addition, other micronutrients (vitamin C, sodium, chloride) are added to make them more efficient.

Another curious detail that we had not seen before is its Refreshing System technology, a minty touch that makes it very pleasant and refreshing to take, helping our body in its thermoregulation.

We also want to highlight the good idea of ​​including a neutral flavor in the range. On long routes, when you have been taking gels all day, you appreciate a taste that is as neutral as possible.

30CHO 100 CAF

Twin of its previous brother, it offers us the same amount of carbohydrates, 30 g, but adding 100 mg of caffeine and comes in 3 flavors:

Santa Madre Geles energéticos con cafeína, Energy gels with caffeine

Caffeine is one of the substances that most studies support for improving performance. The 100mg dose is roughly equivalent to an espresso. The EFSA recommends not exceeding 400 mg of caffeine throughout the day, so we could take up to 4 gels and more in conditions of intense physical exertion.


A gel that doubles the amount of carbohydrates of the previous ones, without stimulants, to take a high energy load during the effort. It comes in a single neutral flavor version:

Santa Madre Gel Energético 60 CHO Energey gel

Without a doubt the jewel in the crown. A gel resulting from numerous studies, with an energy supply without rival in the market. Its 100 g of product provide us with 60 g of carbohydrates from various sources (maltodextrin, isomaltulose and fructose), which will provide us with a lasting release of energy close to 80 minutes, ideal for long-distance stages of more than 3 hours. In addition to the micronutrients in 30CHO gels, it also provides a dose of potassium and magnesium, which further completes its nutritional capacity.

On Route

We have tested Santa Madre gels on routes lasting different hours, even reaching activities of 7:30 hours, where carbohydrate intake is crucial.

The first thing we highlight is the simplicity when planning our intake. The amounts of CHO are printed clearly on each gel and it is very easy to stock them depending on the scheduled times. In our case we have used a strategy of 60 g of carbohydrates per hour.

The second thing is the good design of the packaging, very easy to open on the go with your teeth. In addition, breaking the gel a little is enough to drink it, without throwing the top part on the asphalt and being able to store it completely in our jersey. Being environmentally friendly is key.

The third, the good feeling they have when drinking them. They do not make anything pasty and the flavors that have the menthol detail are very refreshing, we liked them a lot.

Last but not least, they have made us feel great and have given us energy for a while. Their large amount of carbohydrates from different sources make them perfect for endurance sports, we assimilate them little by little and without noticing extreme peaks. The 60 CHO gel is a real wonder for long routes, it can be the difference between finishing empty or finishing whole, with energy. Those that have caffeine give a real extra performance, in my case I am a fast metabolizer, I notice it a lot.


Compare quality/price

If there is something that we must always consider when purchasing a product, it is what we get in exchange for our money. In the case at hand, you have to cut corners comparing with other manufacturers, because if we only keep the price data, we are not really doing things right. What should we pay attention to when buying?

  • g of CHO: forget about grams of weight. Look at the CHO that 1 gel gives you. Most gels on the market provide a lower amount of carbohydrates per unit of product, around 20 g.
  • CHO sources: the more varied sources of carbohydrates we have, the better, since their different glycemic index and compositions will fill the body’s transporters without saturating them, we will be able to use a greater amount of carbohydrates per hour. PRO cyclists get to spend up to 120 g, to give you an idea. We are doing well with 60-90 g.
  • Healthy food: cheap ingredients are usually used to create the products. Demand healthy food and reliable sources.

Review this information well when buying, because normally, what is cheap is expensive.

Final verdict

We cannot hide that we really liked the characteristics of these gels, and we see a clear innovation compared to other products on the market in many aspects. The grams of carbohydrates are high, the sources very varied and the ingredients that form them are healthy, safe and wholesome. These Santa Madre gels, together with other products that we will analyze in the future, have earned to be part of our living equipment on medium and long routes. We simply no longer conceive of these kinds of outings without them.

Good route!

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