GOBIK Carrera 2.0 short sleeve


Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 Maillot Corto Short Sleeve Jersey

In this article: review and opinion of the GOBIK Carrera 2.0 2022 short sleeve jersey

Carrera is one of GOBIK‘s most technical jerseys. Aerodynamics and breathability are key objectives in its design, which is why it has ultralight fabrics that offer minimal resistance to the air, but at the same time, help to cool our body in the hottest and/or humid months of the year. Not in vain is the model recommended in the summer guide of the brand.

For these Warm Series 2022 (summer season) it launches a new version 2.0, with small improvements and new colors, which continue to keep it up to date. It comes in 4 unisex models:

Let’s see what’s new in one of the best jerseys out there for high temperatures.

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Aerodynamics and heat

GOBIK Carrera is a garment for those days where the heat is pressing, its thermal range goes from 22 to 38 ºC. Imagine a 6-hour route through Alicante in the middle of August… we need a jersey that is capable of evaporating sweat and keeping us as dry and cool as possible. At the same time, we want an aerodynamic and lightweight fabric that offers no resistance to the wind and allows us to get the maximum advantage on long-distance days.

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 Fairway

With these premises in mind, GOBIK designs Carrera with an Ultra Fit sizing, a second skin, which is responsible for extracting all traces of sweat from the skin and transporting it to the outside, so that the heat and wind evaporate it immediately. Its combination of fabrics, with a textured front and sleeves and a smooth back, favors airflow, achieving perfect aero performance. Finally, its lightness is fantastic, with 115 g verified in size M, which gives us a great feeling of freedom.

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 Fairway

In this revision 2.0 of the original jersey we found several improvements, but better to see them one by one in our in-depth tour.

Carrera 2.0 in detail

The neck area receives a new ribbed fabric to improve the fit, important in a garment with a second-skin fit. The fully concealed SBS zipper works great and adds a great aesthetic:

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 detalle de la zona del cuello

The sleeves are also new, with the same fabric as the collar and a new structure that adapts better to the cyclist’s arm, with a wider strap on the inside:

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 detalle de las mangas

The waist also receives the new ribbed fabric and a silicone tape has been integrated on the inside around the entire perimeter, preventing the jersey from moving on the road:

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 detalle de la cintura y cremallera SBS

It is in the small details that the difference is made, as in the new iridescent label…

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 detalle de la etiqueta

… and the phrases that we can see in different areas of the garment:

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 detalle de los nuevos gráficos
Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 detalle de frase

Already in the rear area, in the upper part we have the classic reflective tape and a new graphic detail:

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 detalle de cuello trasero

And in the lower part 3 perfectly integrated storage pockets and another reflective tape:

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 detalle de los bolsillos traseros

On route

Carrera is a model that we love, because it makes us feel very PRO with its Ultra Fit sizing and its stylized panel structure that adapts perfectly to the cyclist’s body. It is one of the jerseys that will make you less bags and wrinkles, looking spectacular.

Its studied choice of fabrics facilitates aerodynamics and breathability, something that is really noticeable, being one of the most appropriate GOBIK models for stages with high temperatures. The mesh fabric evaporates sweat instantly, keeping our skin dry and as cool as possible, depending on the outside temperature, of course.

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 en ruta aero

The new sleeves cover us even more and adapt very well to the arm when we are attached to the handlebars. The silicone waistband further improves its fit, and prevents it from moving or riding up on the road. The new colors and graphic designs seem very successful, with uniform tones that are very combinable with the entire range of shorts:

Gobik Carrera 2.0 2022 vista lateral

Final Verdict

Carrera is a short jersey for days of intense heat, with a super fitted structure that favors aerodynamics and sweat dissipation. Its lightness and adaptability will make you feel very comfortable, with great freedom of movement. The new version 2.0 polishes details and adds small new features that make it even better.

Regarding the size, if you are a regular of the brand, do not be afraid to request the same size that you usually wear. Yes, it’s going to fit you tighter, but that’s what the Carrera is all about. In our case with 1.90 m, 77 kg and 103 cm of chest, size M is perfect for not having a small bag. If you don’t like being so tight, go one size up than other models.

Good route!

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