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March arrives and spring is just around the corner. As if this great event for the entire cycling scene weren’t enough, March is also usually the launch month for the new GOBIK summer collection and in this article you will be able to see a preview of all its novelties.

Gobik CX PRO Pink Streak

But before learning about new specific models, let’s talk about the graphic renovation that these new Warm Series 22 are going to entail, something that we can summarize in 3 styles.

New graphic identity

GOBIK exploits its usual graphic line and 3 main lines appear for this new collection:

Classic: the usual graphic line remains in the catalogue, but undergoing a logical evolution that will keep it fresh.

Gobik Warm Series 22 Regular Line

Streak: new designs where horizontal stripes attract attention with a strong contrast of colors on a uniform base tone.

Gobik Warm Series 22 Streak Line

Claim: a bolder expression than usual.

Gobik Warm Series 22 Claim Line

We imagine the brutal workload to bring this brave proposal to market. We congratulate the brand for taking risks and expanding its graphic identity to adapt to different users.

Gobik Stark Lavender

New range of garments

Of the 3 new design lines, the brand surprises with the creation of new ranges of garments for other ways of understanding cycling. Today the Freeride-eBike has already been presented and the Gravel-All Mountain will arrive very soon.

Freeride-eBike: light and resistant garments, with a wide pattern to favor the use of protections. «Cargo» finishes on the inner shorts, shorts and t-shirts, designed so that you can carry small objects with you even on longer outings.

Gobik Warm Series 22 Freeride eBike Line

Technical evolution

Something that can go unnoticed, if we only look at the graphic design, are the novelties in terms of clothing, materials and technical features. Thanks to the invaluable participation of GOBIK in professional teams, with the UAE Team Emirates as the spearhead, a multitude of suggestions, adjustments and improvements have been obtained and applied to this new collection.

We talk about:

  • Better aerodynamic performance.
  • Reformulated anatomical structures.
  • Threadless seams thanks to thermo-welding processes.
  • Heat-sealed ends.
  • Seamless new zippers.
  • New fabrics and reflective details.
Gobik CX PRO Claim

Greater sustainability

One of the important novelties, which we will see soon, is the CX PRO Land jersey. It has opted for environmental sustainability, manufacturing using recycled materials with the aim of reducing emissions both in raw materials used and in packaging. The idea is to introduce this way of making in their collections progressively.

And now yes, let’s go with the product news of the classic road cycling range.

Ultralite bib shorts

Replacing the previous Gravity flagship, we find ourselves before a garment that concentrates the most advanced technical evolution of the Spanish manufacturer. It is the lightest, it is the most comfortable and it presents an innovative aesthetic. It is made with a fabric of greater solidity and opacity, stretch in 2 ways and with micro-perforations. Its seamless design has been given extra-wide straps that end at the back in two ultra-breathable layers.

Gobik culotte Ultralite

Absolute Bib Shorts

New revision (5.0) of the quintessential GOBIK bib shorts, one of the most famous and beloved garments by all cyclists, much appreciated for the comfort of its K10 chamois. It receives a new colors and a special Revolution edition, with the technical features of the model used in the UAE Team Emirates.

Gobik culotte absolute revolution ferro

CX PRO 2.0 and Land

Second evolution of the reference jersey of the Yecla brand. It receives numerous technical improvements such as better aerodynamics thanks to a new panel structure offering a more stylized and minimalist appearance. For its part, the Land version explores a new path for the sake of environmental sustainability, with the use of respectful materials that minimize the carbon footprint in both raw materials and packaging.

Gobik CX PRO 2.0


It receives the most advanced technical improvements such as thermo-welding, to create seams without threads, or heat-sealing at the end of sleeves and pockets. New seamless visible zipper, new aerodynamic embossed fabric, new reflectors under pockets… All the inspiration of the UAE Team Emirates and its Infinity World Tour.

We hope to offer you detailed reviews of each novelty very soon.

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