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If you are not familiar with the GOBIK summer range, it may not be clear which model to select. In this article we provide you with two tables with a comparative summary of the GOBIK tops (jerseys) and bottoms (bib shorts) to use in the hottest months of the year.

GOBIK summer jerseys comparison table

All GOBIK short sleeve jersey models for 2022. We include the level of perspiration, the recommended temperature for use, the type of fit and weight:

ModelTemperature RangePerspirationFitWeight
Size (M)
Infinity22 to 38 ºC⭐⭐⭐Ultra Fit 
Invincible22 to 38 ºC⭐⭐⭐Ultra Fit 
Attitude22 to 38 ºC⭐⭐⭐Ultra Fit130 g
Carrera22 to 38 ºC⭐⭐⭐⭐Ultra Fit115 g
Odyssey20 to 38 ºC⭐⭐Perfect Fit 
CX PRO20 to 38 ºC⭐⭐Perfect Fit120 g
Stark22 to 30 ºC⭐⭐Regular Fit116 g

GOBIK summer culottes comparison table

All GOBIK shorts for 2022. We include the recommended temperature for use, the type of pad and weight:

ModelTemperature RangeChamoisWeight
Size (M)
Ultralite17 to 38 ºCK12155 g
Gravity17 to 35 ºCK12160 g
Revolution17 to 38 ºCK10172 g
Absolute 5.017 to 35 ºCK10195 g
Limited 5.017 to 35 ºCK10175 g

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