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In this article: review and opinion of the GOBIK Ultralite 2022 bib shorts

Ultralite is GOBIK‘s new top-of-the-range shorts, presented as a novelty in the Warm Series 22 (summer range). It boasts of being the lightest and most comfortable of the brand. Heir to the previous Gravity, it maintains the K12 chamois and the ultralight straps, with a new leg without transverse seams. It is presented in a single male version in black:

Since the presentation of the new summer 2022 range we knew of its existence, and we really wanted to try it, something that we have been able to do during this week to tell you our first impressions.

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Ultra light and Ultra comfortable

Improving a short as good as Gravity is a complicated task. At GOBIK they are intelligent, and instead of breaking with the established, they have managed to maintain the structure and concept of a very light garment but taking comfort to another level.

I remember very well the first time I had Gravity in my hands, its light weight and its thin and fine straps made you feel afraid in case it was going to break. Fortunately and after a year of regular use, the shorts are still in perfect condition. Unboxing the Ultralite, a similar flashback has popped into my head.

The touch of the fabric used is very soft, dense and with a true black color. It is beautiful naturally. But before we tell you more about its fit and performance, let’s go into all its details in our in-depth tour.

Ultralite in detail

Without a doubt our first look goes to the straps. With the same philosophy as in the old Gravity, absolute lightness and minimalism, the fabric of the Ultralite is new, more solid and compact, with a touch that we like better:

Gobik Ultralite tirantes straps

Both straps are inserted into a large piece that covers the central part of the back, perforated with vertical channels that help sweat to evaporate:

Gobik Ultralite espalda back
Gobik Ultralite espalda back

The feeling of comfort is absolute, the fabric masterfully adapts to our skin:

The placement of the front straps is in our opinion very successful, crossing the chest in the center, which helps to limit annoying chafing:

The leg area receives many novelties, from the outside we can see that it does not have elastic bands, with a fabric with holes to facilitate perspiration:

GOBIK Ultralite perneras legs

Inside we can appreciate the minimalism of its silicone inserts and the total absence of seams:

Gobik Ultralite interior pernera leg inside

In the rear area there are two reflectors, like the ones we already saw in the Absolute Revolution, increasing our visibility in low light conditions:

GOBIK Ultralite reflectantes reflectors

And we come to the K12 chamois, manufactured by Elastic Interface, a true leader in the international market in the manufacture of chamois. Its crescent-shaped components have been welded together with ultrasound technology, guaranteeing a smooth and homogeneous surface in contact with the skin. Of course, it has all the usual technologies of pro-level chamois: woven with carbon filaments, bacteriostatic, highly breathable and with elastic memory.

GOBIK Ultralite Badana K12 chamois

Regarding its thickness, 11 mm, it is not one of the most padded chamois we have tried, nor is it necessary. In general, we believe that the thicker they are, the more comfortable they will be… Nothing is further from the truth. Increasing the thickness will cause more pressure on our sitting bones and pelvic region.

GOBIK Ultralite badana K12 chamois

And so far our tour «close» of the Ultralite. It’s time to tell you our sensations…

On route

In the first wear you can already appreciate the great work in materials and structure that has been carried out to design these shorts. Ultralite feels like a glove, practically without seams and with a spectacular adaptation to our body. But what breaks the deck is the feel of its fabric against the skin, like cotton, reminding me of the first laying of the glorious Pacer Jet Black. I have had it in very few garments.

Ultralite asks to devour kilometers. Its chamois contributes to this with an ergonomic structure of great adaptation and a double-density elastic foam with memory that is noticeable in the first sitting. It cushions us with a pleasant sensation and fits perfectly to our anatomy without noticing seams or causing friction.

gobik ultralite

With a good leg length and excellent compression, the leg warmers deserve all our praise, as their lack of seams and the classic straps make them terribly comfortable and adaptable to our thighs.

Gobik Ultralite

The straps were already very comfortable in Gravity, but now they are more so thanks to the new fabric. Its placement is the best, furrowing the central area of the pectoral to avoid friction in this sensitive area. They fit the shoulders very well and the entire new area of ​​the back.

Final verdict

Ultralite is another step forward for GOBIK in the design and manufacture of bib shorts. It is clearly a step above everything known, providing sensations of absolute comfort. It is perfect to perform at the highest level on long routes and extreme temperatures. Its weight of 155 g in size M is a declaration of intent for the most PRO users.

Regarding sizing, for measurements of 190 cm tall, 82 cm inseam, 100 hip and 77 kg in weight, size XL will suit you if you like extra leg length like I do. You can also use the L being more compact.

Good ride!

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