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In this article: review and opinion of the POC Omne Air SPIN AVIP 2021 helmet.

POC Omne Air SPIN is one of the most famous models of the Swedish brand, leader in the manufacture of helmets for cycling and other disciplines. The AVIP version (Attention Visibility Interaction Protection) is designed to offer extra visibility, increasing the cyclist’s safety. During this autumn-winter we have been using it and here we tell you our impressions.

Ciclista con el casco POC Omne Air Spin AVIP

Safety, visibility and style

These three words perfectly define the feelings that POC Omne Air SPIN transmits to us, a helmet that, as usual in the brand, has a spectacular design, that suits everyone, but that particularly in this version, comes with colors that provide extra visibility, so required in a sport like cycling, where being seen is crucial. And it does all this with the highest safety standards, offering comprehensive protection and the latest technologies such as the patented SPIN pad system.

Vista lateral del casco POC Omne Air Spin AVIP

To get into the matter and learn about all its technologies, it is best to do our usual in-depth tour.

Omne Air SPIN in detail

The helmet we have tested is a size M, for a cranial diameter of 54 to 59 cm. It has a weight of 300 g as evidenced by the sticker on its box:

Pegatina caja casco POC Omne Air Spin AVIP

In the box we will find the helmet and a very soft fabric cover, which will allow us to transport it without its spectacular bright white paint suffering scratches:

Unboxing del casco POC Omne Air Spin AVIP

As soon as we have it in our hands, it is inevitable to look at its back, with a striking orange color and two reflective strips that are part of the elements that provide extra visibility in this AVIP version. We can appreciate that its manufacture is of a very high level, without imperfections and with fantastic finishes:

Parte trasera del casco POC Omne Air Spin AVIP

The front allows us to appreciate the large front ventilation channels:

Frontal del casco POC Omne Air SPIN AVIP

As part of the AVIP system, a reflective strip is also included in the lower front area:

Reflectantes delanteros del casco POC Omne Air Spin AVIP

On one of the sides, the four words that form the acronym AVIP appear:

Lateral con las letras de las siglas AVIP del casco POC Omne Air Spin

At the back we find the adjustment wheel, which will allow us to attach the helmet to our head in a simple way with one hand:

Rueda de ajuste del casco POC Omne Air SPIN AVIP

On the inside we appreciate the fastening strips, modeled on the inside for a higher level of comfort. They are really soft and do not bother anything on the face or in the jaw area:

Parte inferior del casco POC Omne Air SPIN

The silicone pads with the SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) system offer a very good touch and also fulfill a protective function since they are designed so that the helmet is fixed in place before, during and after an impact. The system resembles MIPS, but instead of using a structure of elastomers that rotate on impact, it uses these specially developed pads, placed in critical places on the helmet that move in any direction to produce the same effect:

Detalle de las almohadillas SPIN del casco POC Omne Air

An adjustment of several positions for the occipital area is also included, which will allow us to better adapt to the shape of our head:

Ajuste occipital del casco POC Omne Air Spin AVIP

On Route

We have been testing this helmet for several months. We cannot deny that it has made a great impression on us. Each head is different, but in our case, we find it very comfortable, with a simple and practical adjustment. Also its light weight makes us feel very free with it.

ciclista con casco POC Omne Air SPIN AVIP

The design is minimalist and elegant, with high quality finishes that are obvious. The front area fits very well with the glasses, and we only miss the silicones that its Ventral brother has inside the front ventilation openings, which allow the temple of the glasses to be attached if we take them off without them falling to the ground:

ciclista con casco POC Omne Air SPIN AVIP

Its good visibility makes it a perfect helmet to not go unnoticed, especially in the autumn and winter seasons, with fewer daylight hours and where it is more common for us to start or finish a route at night.

Final verdict

POC Omne Air SPIN has seemed to us to be a great job by the Swedish brand, especially in this high visibility AVIP version. In addition to its great design and good fit, we have an extra security and remarkable protection. It’s light, it’s comfortable and you can find it at a good price if you take advantage of the offers. What more could you ask for?

Good route!

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