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Mochila Impermeable Craft Cadence 21 litros Backpack

In this article: review and opinion of the Craft Cadence 21-liter waterproof backpack.

We find ourselves with a Craft Cadence product again after the great impression made by their top tube bag that we reviewed recently. In this case, it is its 21-litre waterproof backpack, a model recently presented for 2022, which comes to renew one of the brand’s flagship products and which has given it a lot of popularity in the jungle of commuters or bicycle travelers.

Craft Cadence 21L 2022 backpack mochila d-lock

Improving the best

The first version of the waterproof backpack from Craft Cadence was a breath of fresh air for all those cyclists who commute daily and need to transport their things safely and protected from the elements. Designed from the ground up by regular commuters, it quickly caught everyone’s attention, regularly running out of stock.

For this 2022, the brand has presented a new version, in a single black color and reducing its capacity from 30 to 21 liters, although it continues to keep the old one in the catalog, in case you need greater transport capacity.

Craft Cadence 21L 2022 backpack mochila d-lock


  • Ligther: the backpack weighs 800 g, 200 less than the previous one.
  • Waterproof: waterproof fabric and sealed seams, although it loses the IPX5 certification of its successor.
  • Closure: with a metal buckle and a MOLLE anchor strip of military origin, perfect for installing D-locks, for example, and many other things.
  • Side pockets: with sealed zipper and rain cover.

In detail

We do our usual in-depth tour, showing you all the details of the product. We start with the new side pockets, with good capacity and sealed zippers that include a rain cover, ensuring that no water penetrates inside:

Bolsillos laterales de la mochila 21 litros de Craft Cadence 2022 Side pockets of the Craft Cadence 2022 21 liter backpack

Also on the front we have the new metal buckle closure that can be anchored in any of the MOLLE strap anchors. Thanks to this we can close the backpack in many different ways: we can roll up the mouth, fold it in a simple way or even make a triangle:

Cierre metálico y sistema MOLLE de la mochila 21 litros de Craft Cadence 2022 Metal closure and MOLLE system of the Craft Cadence 2022 21 liter backpack

Great job sealing the bottom area and using a tough, abuse-proof material for the bottom of the pack:

Base de la mochila 21 litros de Craft Cadence Craft Cadence 21 liter backpack base

The back area is very similar to the previous model, with large foam plates that will prevent us from sweating in the hot months:

The shoulder pads or straps are also very comfortable, they integrate adjustment tape, reflectors and a chest strap so that they do not move while walking:

And finally, a photo of the interior organizer, which as you can see we have extracted from the backpack thanks to its rear velcro. It has a multitude of pockets, one with a zipper and a carabiner where you can hang some keys, for example:

On route

We really liked this new 21-litre version. Its more compact size makes it very comfortable to transport, but it does not lose much load capacity, because if we use the entire length of its interior, we can store a large number of things and clothes.

We have used the backpack on our usual trips, of course on rainy days, to transport our notebook and its accessories. Inside no trace of water. We dare to say that no matter how hard the rain is, you won’t have any problems, because it really is a totally waterproof backpack, conscientiously made for it.

Its construction and finishes exude quality wherever you look at it. With sealed seams, good materials and a design designed not to falter in daily use. In short, another great product from the brand, which ensures you long years of use without question.

Technical Data

  • Capacity: 21 Litres storage.
  • Weight: 800 grams (bag) + 100 grams (internal insert).
  • Dimensions: 62 cm (unrolled height) x 38 cm (widest width) x 13 cm (depth).
  • Materials: 600D polyester with TPU coating; seamless welding construction.

Good route!

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