La Gregarios: ultradistance Madrid-Valencia


La Gregarios 2022

The Gregarios is an ultra-distance race inspired by the historic Cifesa Grand Prix, a long-distance road race, originally one of the longest in Spain, which started in Madrid and finished in Valencia. Reserved for a few elite cyclists, it served to increase their sporting prestige, due to the strong physical demand it required. Just imagine pedaling 350 kilometers in a single journey in the 1940s in Spain. With dirt roads and no security measures.

The original route went from Puerta del Sol in Madrid to the beach in Valencia. In its VII edition, which will take place on October 8, 2022, La Gregarios relives this experience again. Imagine having the opportunity to star in that feat enjoying incredible landscapes and, above all, good company.

Organization with great experience

Thanks to the experience of the organizing team in this route, everything has been carefully prepared so that the participant be only worried about pedaling, without thinking on the small details. A detailed track is provided and also on the day of the race the entire route will be completely signposted, to reach the different aid stations in each town, strategically located.

For all types of cyclists

This ultra-distance ride has been planned to be accessible to any cyclist. In addition to the fact that all the roads are in perfect condition, supplies and stops are included in the towns along the route. In addition, 3 different modalities are created, with longer and shorter distances:

  • Complete route: 395 km.
  • Half way: 163 km.
  • Short distance: 98 km.

The profile is undulating, from 650 meters above sea level in Madrid to sea level in Valencia.

At the aid stations, there is the help of local companies, which will help the participant to recharge with solid and liquid food. After finishing a race like this, what less than to take a diploma to always remember it and be able to tell it to family, friends and fellow cyclists.

Limited places

It is very important to remember that places to be part of «La Gregarios» are limited. Therefore, participants must register well in advance, you can find all the information on its official page: